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Info & Rules

General Info:
· This a Lims community that stands for 'Last icon maker standing'. Which is focused in tv shows.
· In order to participate you must sign up every round at the beginning. Sign ups will be open up until the voting for the first challenge goes up.
· You will have a skip when you sign up, you can get another one if you promote the current round.
· Rounds are mixed up, one round will feature only one show and every other round we will have different shows at once.
· You'll get to pick which show(s) are featured, there will be suggestion post for you to say which show(s) you want to focus the next round. And then everyone will vote in a poll their favorites.

Challenge Rules:
· Your icon must be new and follow the challenge guidelines.
· Don't share your icons until the results are posted.
· They must meet lj standards, 40kb or less and 100x100px.
· All effects are allowed. Simple animation is welcomed.
· You can change you entry at any time during the challenge, edit your entry or delete the comment and add a new one.
· If you fail to enter a skip will be used, if you don't have any skips left you will be eliminated for the round.
· For every round there will be a comeback challenge so if you're eliminated you have a chance to comeback.

· When the voting goes up you will have to vote for 1-2 lesser icons, and 1 favorite.
· Reasons for voting an icon out must be based on quality of the icon and not personal preference. Here is a voting guide.
· Votes can be nulled if you fail to vote based on those guidelines, however I will tell you beforehand so you can fix it your vote.
· Positive votes will cancel out negative votes in case of a tie.
· Don't vote for yourself or encourage others to vote for you.
· If you're a participant and don't vote you won't be eligible for People's Choice or Mod's Choice.
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