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I'm so sorry for the delay, I meant to post this last week but I had some connection problems over the past week. It's all fixed now.

· If you want to participate on this round comment on this post and I'll add you to the list. This round will focus on the most voted shows here, you can still vote up until we start.

· Make sure you've read the rules before participating. Sign ups will close when the voting for challenge 1 goes up. We will start when we get at least 10-13 participants.

· You can earn an extra skip by promoting the community, just a shout out will do or you can use this code:

Don't forget to leave the link somewhere on your comment so I can see it. If you did a promo a few days ago you can use that one, no need to promote again :)

shameless666 (2)
wildling (2)
emmatheslayer (2)
setentpet (2)
lady_kingsley (2)
deadama (2)
sietepecados (2)
crazycordy (2)
naive_astronaut (2)
kirtash_girl (2)
mizz_destiny (2)
lady_turner (2)
sucksucksmile (2)
_lolainslacks (2)
esgeee (2)
starry_night (2)
bangel_4e (2)
debris4spike (2)
nadya149 (2)
black_bird80 (1)
wandererjulia (1)
julie_izumi (1)
magical_sid (1)
bad_numbers (1)
entwashian (1)
adriftingsea (1)
ciuciuvaraworld (1)
cookielaura (1)

PS. I changed the usual name session/round to season instead, it seems fitting for this community :)
Tags: !sign ups, season: 01
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