Peter, is your social worker in that horse? (naginis) wrote in tvlims,
Peter, is your social worker in that horse?

Challenge 06 Voting

The following chose to use a skip or didn't enter an icon so a skip has been used for them:

The following failed to enter and had no skips left, therefore they have been eliminated:

· You have to vote for 1 lesser quality icon and 1 favorite.
· Reasons for voting an icon out must be based on quality of the icon and not personal preference.
· Aim for 1-2 complete sentences, votes starting with 'I don't like', 'I think', 'I dislike'... won't be accepted.

· Give constructive criticism when voting. Here is a voting guide. If you can expand on how that icon can be improved, please do.
· Votes can be nulled if you fail to vote based on those guidelines, however I will tell you beforehand so you can fix it your vote.
· Positive votes will cancel out negative votes.
· Don't vote for yourself or encourage others to vote for you.
· If you're a participant and don't vote you won't be eligible for People's Choice or Mod's Choice.

Use this form:

If your icon is in the voting, please don't vote for a favorite.

1 2 3
Tags: !voting, season: 07
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